Petition against fascism

A petition has been submitted urging the Bulgarian patriarch Neofit to take a stand against the „Lukov March“. The March is an event for neo-fascists and racists to celebrate Hristo Lukov, a Bulgarian fascist during the Second World War. The politicians of Bulgaria are also asked to condemn the Lukov March, reports the sofia globe.

With this petition citizens of Bulgaria want to crack down on neo-fascism and racism in their country. The petition says: „Our love for Bulgaria and our alarm at signs of rising racism, neo-fascism and xenophobia in the country, lead us to appeal to you as a spiritual leader of the nation whose voice and position have great social impact.“
Since 2003 the Bulgarian National Union hosts the Lukov March every year. Hirsto Lukov has supported the Third Reich and promoted the persecution of the jews. He was leader of the Union of Bulgarian National Legions, which has supported Hitler. He was assassinated by communist partisans on 13th of February 1943. (ar)