Charges pressed against Greek Orthodox Church of Canada

The Greek Community of Toronto, a non-profit organisation, representing 150.000 Orthodox Christians, press charges against the Greek Orthodox metropolitan of Toronto. The reason for the charges are misappropriation of funds, verbal and physical abuse by priests, as well as the installation of a priest who is charged with sexual assault offenses.

During a donation campaign, $50.000 were raised for a baby suffering from heart conditions. However, the Greek Community of Toronto claims that the money has never reached the child’s family that therefore had to cover the transportation expenses from Greece to Toronto by itself. The metropolis reports that $10.000 were transferred to the family by Global Angel, although only an amount of $1450 is verified.

North of Danforth Avenue, Toronto, the parish priest of St. Irene Church allegedly abused members of a women’s group physically and mentally. However, the metropolis did not react.
Furthermore, the priest of the church of Saint John has been installed shortly after being charged with sexual assault.

The conflicts and bad relationship between the metropolis and the Greek Community of Toronto are 40 years old by now and due to the new charges, there is no prospect of an end. (sb)